Blaze of Glory

The Cognoscente Group's

Final Desert Mayhem Event

July 22-24, 2022


Commanding Officer


Commanding Officer
Gatekeeper & Reconn

Chuck Hickey

Scorekeeper & Reconn

Doug Chapman

Tactics & Reconn

George Swetland

Tactics & Reconn
1st Lieutenant

Heather Butler

Cognoscente 1st Lieutenant
Drill Instructor

Paul Tong

Drill Instructor
Public Affairs

Tobie Stevens

The Photographer - Stealer of Souls

Wayne Boyter

Mission Briefing

The Mission

"Blaze Of Glory" is a competitive Long Distance motorcycle event - and after two decades, is the final Cognoscente Group event. The competitive riding begins at 0400HRS Saturday morning, 23 JUL 2022, and ends 35 hours later.

The start and finish is in Ely, Nevada.

To earn status as a Blaze Of Glory finisher, Operators must meet minimum levels of achievement in the following three areas:

1) Military exercises - literally and metaphorically
2) Achieve a minimum amount of assigned military objectives
3) Ride a minimum of 1098 corrected miles

Operational Schedule

Check In:
22 JUL 2022, 0830 - 1500 HRS.

Mission Briefing:
All Operators attend 1700 HRS, 22JUL22; Hotel Nevada Post Office Mess Hall

Mission Start:
Gatekeeper begins release of Fire Teams at 0400 HRS, 23 JUL 2022.

Mission Finish:
Operators return to mission headquarters by 1500 HRS, 24 JUL 22.

Mission Debrief:
1700HRS, 24 JUL 2022, in the Hotel Nevada Post Office Mess Hall


A satellite tracking device (SPOT/InReach/equivalent) is required!

There is ONE MANDATORY virtual Checkpoint. The penalty for missing this Checkpoint is BRUTAL; it mortally wounds your final standings

Typical Endurance Riding rules are SUSPENDED for this event. Riders in this Cognoscente Group event are participating in an Unlimited Class.

Carry all the gas you want, use your goofy-ass car tires - we just don't GAF.

Battle Preparations

Digital cameras are required. Be advised - this is an extremely photo-intensive event.

The Order of Battle is limited to 60 Operators - whereupon a Standby list is created.

Riders will participate in a Texas 2-Gun Competition at the end of Friday's Odometer Course. Actual Texans are running it.

Tactical Fighting Knife - you better believe it!

We again offer the "Slacker Class" of attendee for this Blaze Of Glory event.



Need amplifying info? Ask away.

If you want to ride in Blaze Of Glory, but we don't know you...

you'll need to convince us you can handle the load.


send email to:

bog AT cognoscentegroup DOT com